Our workshops are our flagship offering, catering to real-time assessments, and an updated curriculum that boosts your knowledge of programming, all in a customisable package.

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We teach Angular, Typescript, RxJS and more

Learn hands-on skills from our expert instructors specializing in Angular, Typescript, RxJS, and other modern web technologies through training at your site or remotely via virtual online webinars.


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In-house or public, in-person or online – whatever the format, our trainings will provide an environment for everyone to grow.


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Get access to the workshop source code, slides, demos, exercises, and all the solutions for the ultimate coding experience.


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To support ongoing learning, we'll provide take-home coding exercises and host a follow-up Q&A session two weeks after the event.

Learn Angular and RxJS with Push-Based’s Workshops

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Learn Angular, RxJS and Typescript with our Trainers

Our expert instructors have designed workshops for basic to expert-level handling of Angular, Typescript, and RxJS. You will learn skills instrumental to innovative development. Our workshops are tailor-made and can be accessed at your business location or via webinars.

FAQs about Angular Courses

What kind of Workshops do you offer?

Our workshops cater to web developers at different expertise levels, emphasizing reactive programming and architectural patterns. Beginners can explore the foundations with the RxJS Basics workshop. Intermediate sessions cover Nx for Angular, modern Angular techniques, UX best practices, and high-speed web application strategies. Advanced learners delve deeper into Reactive UI Patterns, Angular performance, and higher-level RxJS techniques. Each course, whether for beginners or advanced developers, ensures comprehensive understanding and practical skills in their respective topics.

How do I know which Workshop I should book?

Choosing the right workshop depends on your experience and interests. Start by identifying your proficiency: "RxJS Basics" for beginners, Intermediate sessions like "Nx for Scalable Angular Architectures" for those with some foundation, and advanced ones such as "Advanced Reactive UI Patterns" for seasoned professionals. Next, align with your goals; for instance, if optimizing performance is a priority, "High-Speed Web Applications" is ideal. For mastery in reactive patterns, consider the RxJS-focused workshops. If you are unsure which workshop to book or you are missing the workshop that you need, just get in touch with our team!

What is the difference between beginner, intermediate and advanced workshops? What experiences are required to follow these workshops?

Beginner Workshops offer foundational knowledge, perfect for newcomers, such as "RxJS Basics". Intermediate Workshops, like "Nx for Scalable Angular Architectures", delve into specialized techniques for those familiar with the basics. Advanced Workshops, such as "RxJS Advanced", are tailored for experts, addressing complex topics and providing deep dives into expert-level practices and concepts. Choose based on your current expertise and learning objectives. If you need help choosing the best workshop for you don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How long does a Workshop take?

The duration of our workshops varies, but most are designed to provide in-depth training over a span of one to two days. This allows participants to immerse themselves in the subject matter, ensuring ample time for hands-on exercises, Q&A sessions, and deep dives into complex topics. Specific details about the length and schedule of each workshop can be found in the respective workshop description.

Can I book a Workshop package about different topics?

You can customize a workshop package by combining various topics to fit your needs. Whether it's merging existing workshops or creating a custom workshop on the topics that are most important to you, we've got you covered. Just let us know your preferences, and we'll help design the ideal training experience for you and your team.

Are your workshops available online or on-premise?

(dont publish before courses are actually available online)

All of our workshops are available as online courses and on-premise at your office. You can find dates and times in each workshop's description. For on-premise training, get in touch with us to create the perfect package for you.