Gain new skills through hands-on learning

We are empowering learners to extend their proficiency in Angular, RxJS, TypeScript, NgRx, Ionic, NestJS, and many more.

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Workshops ranging from beginner to expert

Experiential and skill-building, all our workshops are designed to address specific professional development goals.

Whether you need to solve a tricky problem or get the knowledge to increase your market worth, we will provide real-world, skill-based training to help you get there.


Customized Training Programs

We design personalized learning experiences that are based on real-world scenarios and aimed at tackling practical challenges in software engineering.


In-Depth Knowledge

Start understanding problems on a deeper level and change your perspective on how you code.


Step-by-Step Solutions

Get the practical and detailed guidance on how to effectively address issues on your project.

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Expert Feedback

Gain meaningful insights and actionable recommendations for your code improvement.

Why book a workshop with Push-Based

Professional learning is an ongoing and collaborative process. Through our workshops, we aim to create a safe and conducive environment where you can further develop your skills, supported by our trainers and other learners.

  • Useful Angular, RxJS, and TypeScript code snippets

  • Real-life examples for every concept and pattern taught

  • Hands-on exercises to take your expertise to the next level

  • Best practices and tricks of the trade to advance your career

  • For custom content please get in touch with our team at least two weeks before the workshop

It’s as simple as that

Our workflow. Step 1

1. Contact us

You can pick the workshop from the offering or get one custom-tailored. Whichever you choose, we’d love to hear from you.

In the upper right, click Contact us to schedule a kick-off meeting or send us an email and we'll get back to you soon.

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2. We settle all the details

After we get in touch, you can introduce us to the person in charge of organizing a workshop so we can start planning your training.

To make the workshop as useful as possible for you, we tailor and adjust the material to your tech stack and existing practices.

Our workflow. Step 3

3. Your training session

At the agreed time and venue, we come together and get you trained and prepared for new challenges.

Through a series of hands-on exercises, we take a deep dive into the topics of your choice to help you build competence and confidence in your skills.

Our workflow. Step 4

Bonuses after the workshop! ❤️

After your training is completed, you get follow-up support to effectively transfer new knowledge and skills back to the workplace. This support includes:

  • free Q&A sessions

  • take-home exercises

  • full source code before and after

  • on-demand workshop recordings

  • training certificates

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer follow-up workshops?

In addition to your main workshop session, you can book a follow-up training addressing the topic in more detail or providing a different perspective on it. Follow-up workshops focus on specific challenges the participants have faced and introduce more advanced modules to support your learning.

Is it possible to book a one-on-one session?

Absolutely! You can book a time slot and use it for whatever purpose you choose. An individual session can be extremely effective in meeting your ad hoc training needs. Whether it is a code review or a pair programming session – you name it – we will make sure it will be a rewarding time investment for you.

Are code reviews included?

Yes! No matter the format of your training, we encourage you to bring your own code to improve it together. Code reviews are a powerful tool to increase code quality, and in our workshops, we aim to create a collaborative environment where everyone can get the actionable feedback they need. Also, feel free to request a code review session as a stand-alone service. We will be happy to help you work through any issues you’re struggling with.

What to expect from a follow-up Q&A session?

Push-Based offers a free follow-up Q&A session two weeks after a workshop to make sure you’ve managed to successfully put into practice all the obtained knowledge. In this session, you are free to share all the frustrations, obstacles, and problems you have faced after the training, and we will address each of them independently.

What technologies do you train on?

At our workshops, developers of all experience levels can learn more about best practices in Angular, RxJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ionic, and Nx. Booking a workshop with us on demand, you can also expect to be trained on other modern web technologies. Tell us more about your tech stack and we will tailor the training just for you.