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Top problems we help to overcome

Turning rookie coders into pros, playing catch-up with Angular, and turbocharging performance.


Skill Upleveling

Newly onboarded developers need to be skilled and aligned with the team.


Angular Gap

Limited knowledge and manpower for shipping new features or updating to the latest Angular versions.


Performance Bottleneck

Slow web performance and a lack of knowledge on how to improve it.


Scaleable Code

Struggling with maintaining code quality and inefficient development process.

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The Push you need in Angular Development

As an international angular development agency, we capitalise on the various opportunities Angular development offers to solve our clients’ programming challenges. By utilising the open-source nature and centralising the efficacy of Angular development in creating single-page applications, we improvise on pre-existing structures that work best for developers.

For salient, efficient and individualistic app development that overcomes various programming impediments, Push-Based solutions ensure that your large applications are maintainable, competitive and state-of-the-art.

What Others Say About Us

We teach Angular, Typescript, RxJS and more

Learn hands-on skills from our expert instructors specializing in Angular, Typescript, RxJS, and other modern web technologies through training at your site or remotely via virtual online webinars.


Choose the Format

In-house or public, in-person or online – whatever the format, our trainings will provide an environment for everyone to grow.


Customize Your Package

Get access to the workshop source code, slides, demos, exercises, and all the solutions for the ultimate coding experience.


Enjoy Free Bonuses

To support ongoing learning, we'll provide take-home coding exercises and host a follow-up Q&A session two weeks after the event.

Learn Angular, RxJS and Typescript with our Trainers

Our expert instructors have designed workshops for basic to expert-level handling of Angular, Typescript, and RxJS. You will learn skills instrumental to innovative development. Our workshops are tailor-made and can be accessed at your business location or via webinars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will work on my project? Can I pick from your team?

To perfectly optimize the team(s) working on your project we will pick the best experts of our team for you. If you are a returning customer and already have worked with certain team members we will of course prioritize those colleagues in the selection process.

How do you communicate with your customers?

We ❤️ Slack! Every project has its own Slack Channel with your and our teams. Of course we can join your channels too! Depending on your project's requirements we usually do internal or collaborative dailies and a weekly or bi-weekly reporting session for you and your stakeholders.

Are you open to tailoring your services to fit unique project requirements not covered in your standard offerings?

Absolutely. Our team is versatile and every project's needs are unique. Whether it's a specific development challenge or a bespoke service you're after, we're more than ready to tailor our expertise to meet and exceed your expectations.

How do your consulting services differ from your web development offerings?

Our consulting services aim to guide teams in best practices, keeping them updated with the latest in Angular, RxJS, and more. On the other hand, our web development services focus on creating and optimizing web products, ranging from e-commerce platforms to advanced web applications.

Is your expertise only limited to Angular, or do you also specialize in other frameworks and technologies?

While Angular is one of our core specialties, our expertise covers most frontend frameworks. We are proficient in providing optimal solutions and strategies across a variety of tech stacks to best meet your needs.

Can you help migrate my existing web application to an Angular framework?

Yes, we specialize in helping businesses transition their existing web applications to Angular. Our team ensures a smooth and efficient migration process ensuring a seamless upgrade.

Can I hire dedicated Angular developers from your company for my project?

We are open to long-term partnerships with dedicated experts from our team focusing fully on your project. Usually we start long term projects with a ramp-up phase where we will audit your project to give you the best possible cooperation suggestions.