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Modern Angular

Master the Latest Angular Features to Build Modern Applications. Learn how to use standalone components, signals, the new inject method and much more.

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Duration.2 days

In this course, you will learn how to use standalone components to build more modular and scalable applications. You will also learn how to use the new inject function for dependency injection. We will also teach you to understand signals and fine-grained reactivity too boost your application's performance. We cover all details of ngOptimized Images, SSR and how to scale component architecture.


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    Standalone Components, Directives and Pipes

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    Dependency injection: New inject method

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    Functional guards, interceptors & resolvers

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    New provider functions

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    New router provider

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    Signals: Angular's new reactive primitive

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    Fine-grained change detection

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    Typed reactive forms

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    Directive composition API

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    SSR & hydration

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    Learn the basics of Nx workspaces

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Our Modern Angular course is designed for developers who are already familiar with Angular and want to learn the latest features and techniques for building modern applications. This course is taught by experienced Angular developers who have already got their hands dirty on the latest Angular features.

The course starts with an introduction to standalone components, which are a new feature in Angular 15. You will learn how to use standalone components to build more modular and scalable applications, and how to reuse them across multiple projects.

Next, we will cover the new inject function, which allows you to inject dependencies directly into your components. This makes it easier to write cleaner and more maintainable code, and reduces the amount of boilerplate you need to write.

We will also cover signals and fine-grained reactivity, which are powerful features that allow you to write more efficient and performant applications. You will learn how to use these features to improve the performance of your applications, and how to make your code more responsive to user interactions.

We will also cover typed reactive forms, which where shipped in Angular 14. With typed forms, you can finally build type-safe forms.

In this course we will also dive into the directive composition API which will help you write more efficient and maintainable code, and make it easier to work with complex components

Finally, we will teach you the basics of Nx, which is a powerful tool for building scalable and maintainable Angular applications. You will learn how to setup a Nx workspace, create libraries and implement best practices to structure your application.


  • Learn how to use standalone components to build modular and scalable applications.

  • Understand signals and fine-grained reactivity to make your code more efficient and scalable.

  • Understand how to use the new inject function to inject dependencies directly into your components.

  • Know how to use typed forms to ensure that your forms are always properly validated.

  • Learn how to use provider functions and directive composition API to create powerful and reusable components.

  • Learn how to use Nx to manage your projects and build better applications.

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