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A product is only as good as the people who build it. Give your team the knowledge to make it truly great.

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Practical workshops run by industry experts

When your goal is to continuously improve and scale your product, it is critical to have a strong team on board.

However, under pressure to deliver faster, one can find it difficult to keep their skills fresh. We will help you take charge of your team’s upskilling transformation!


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Why book a workshop for your team with us

Improve workflows and boost your team’s productivity with workshops led by Push-Based certified instructors. We know how to train teams to develop long-lasting and flexible solutions that require less maintenance and accelerate revenue growth for a customer.

  • Strategic solutions for architecting scalable applications

  • Techniques for creating fast and snappy user experience

  • Approaches to implementing continuous quality improvement

  • Best practices to take control over complex UIs’ maintenance costs

  • For custom content please get in touch with our team at least two weeks before the workshop

It’s as simple as that

Our workflow. Step 1

1. You contact us

Click Contact us in the upper right to schedule a kick-off meeting or send us an email and wait for our response.

We welcome you to share your goals and challenges or tell us what professional skills your team needs to improve.

Our workflow. Step 2

2. We settle all the details

Then, you can put us in touch with the person in charge of organizing a workshop and we start mapping out your perfect learning program.

With your tech stack and existing practices in mind, we tailor the training agenda that is as relevant to your team as possible.

Our workflow. Step 3

3. Your team’s training session

At the agreed time and venue, we come together to get your team trained.

They get hands-on with the focused strategies that have the power to improve your product and enable you to spend more time releasing features.

Our workflow. Step 4

Bonuses after the workshop! ❤️

After training is completed, your team gets follow-up support to effectively transfer new knowledge and skills back to the workplace. This support includes:

  • free Q&A sessions

  • take-home exercises

  • full source code before and after

  • on-demand workshop recordings

  • training certificates

Frequently asked questions

Can I get workshop content fully customized?

Of course! If the event is not public, Push-Based trainers will take every effort to tailor your workshop program to your specific project situation – there will be no open questions left. We also recommend you check out our existing workshop packages to get an idea of what to expect and what skills we train teams on.

What are the prerequisites for a custom-tailored workshop?

Each workshop is unique and so are the prerequisites. If you book a custom training session with Push-Based, we will do our best to match the team’s knowledge and skills with the workshop materials. For our public events, you may find information about prerequisites for participants on the conference organizer’s website linked on this page.

Are code reviews included?

Yes! We encourage teams to bring their own code to improve it together. Code reviews are a powerful tool to increase code quality, and in our workshops, we aim to create a collaborative environment where everyone can get the actionable feedback they need. Also, feel free to request a code review session as a stand-alone service. We will be happy to help you work through any issues you’re struggling with.

What to expect from a follow-up Q&A session?

Push-Based offers a free follow-up Q&A session two weeks after a workshop to make sure your team has managed to successfully put into practice all the knowledge they’ve obtained. In this session, we welcome any questions workshop participants have come up with. The team can share all the frustrations, obstacles, and problems they have faced after the training, and we will carefully address each of them.

What technologies can a team be trained on?

At workshops offered by Push-Based, teams of all experience levels can learn more about best practices in Angular, RxJS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ionic, and Nx. Booking a workshop with us on demand, you can also expect to be trained on other web technologies. Tell us more about what tech stack you use and we’ll tailor the training just for you.