Take the stress out of organizing a workshop

Planning a workshop that is structured around your needs has never been easier.

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We know how to make an event successful

With so many moving parts to manage, a hands-on instructor-led training is arguably the most effective form of learning.

At Push-Based, we fully understand what it takes to create and organize an engaging and productive workshop. Our goal is to make the planning process smooth and hassle-free for you.


Why book a workshop with Push-Based

With a proven track record of designing and delivering workshops that yield immediate and long-term results, Push-Based offers guidance every step of the way. We always plan for flawless execution and make sure you know what our next step is.

  • Time and location flexibility

  • Training packages for any group sizes

  • Remote and in-house delivery methods

  • Best practices from award-winning trainers

  • For on-premise workshops travel and accommodation expenses are charged

It’s as simple as that

Our workflow. Step 1

1. You contact us

Booking a workshop could not be easier.

Simply click Contact us in the upper right to schedule a kick-off meeting or send us an email and wait for a reply.

Feel free to share your concerns, goals, and challenges or tell us what you need help with.

Our workflow. Step 2

2. We settle all the details

Next, we discuss the topics to be covered and start mapping out your perfect learning program.

We tailor training materials and examples to reflect your goals and ensure that the program agenda is as relevant to your team as possible.

Our workflow. Step 3

3. Your training session

At the time and venue of your choice, we come together to get your team trained.

Featuring demos, live coding, and real-time feedback, your workshop will deliver a fully interactive learning experience.

Prior to the workshop, we send out all the necessary materials to support your learning and help you make the most out of it.

Our workflow. Step 4

Bonuses after the workshop! ❤️

Each workshop includes follow-up resources for you to ensure that new knowledge and skills are taken back to the workplace.

Get these tremendous bonuses after the training has ended:

  • training certificates

  • free Q&A sessions

  • take-home exercises

  • full source code before and after

  • on-demand workshop recordings

Frequently asked questions

Can I get workshop content fully customized?

Of course! This is exactly what we are here for! We also recommend you check out our existing workshop packages to get an idea of what to expect and what technologies and skills the Push-Based team can train you on.

Is it possible to book a one-on-one session?

Absolutely! You can book a time slot and use it for whatever purpose you choose. Whether it is a code review or a pair programming session – you name it – we will make sure it will be a rewarding time investment for you.

Are code reviews included?

Yes! Bring your own code and let’s improve it together. Code reviews are a powerful tool to increase code quality, and in our workshops, we aim to create a collaborative environment where everyone can get the actionable feedback they need. Also, feel free to request a code review session as a stand-alone service. We will be happy to help you work through any issues you’re struggling with.

What to expect from a follow-up Q&A session?

Push-Based offers a follow-up Q&A session two weeks after a training to make sure you’ve managed to successfully put into practice all the knowledge you’ve obtained. In this session, we encourage workshop participants to ask any questions they’ve come up with and share all the frustrations, obstacles, and problems they’ve faced after the training.

What if I cannot find enough people for a workshop?

Don’t worry, our trainers also deliver public workshops that you can easily drop in. Subscribe to our newsletter and social media so that you don't miss important updates and announcements.