Performance Audits

Our professionals can tell you exactly why your product is slow and provide a detailed step-by-step guide on how to fix it.

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Leading Experts in Performance Audits

As global leaders in performance audits, our team of industry experts conducts meticulous analysis, identifying bottlenecks, and delivering prioritized recommendations. From memory leaks to bundle size reduction, we optimize for a seamless user experience.

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We Make Your Sites Blazing Fast

Improving your site's performance will not only increase conversions and customer satisfaction, and at the same time directly impact your google ranking.

Our performance experts will investigate common areas like bootstrap and runtime performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, bundle size and give detailed feedback.

The audit report will contain prioritized suggestions to improve the performance of your application. The improvement opportunities will include suggested actions, estimated improvements, and steps to reproduce.

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Understanding Performance Problems is Hard

Performance issues can be difficult to diagnose and solve, leading to lost customers, low conversion rates, and poor search rankings.

Our performance audit gives your team the knowledge and tools to overcome these challenges.

This is How You Get Fast Results

Initial Call/Survey

We start by understanding your application and your specific performance goals. We'll discuss user flows, critical issues, and current performance areas of focus.


Our team dives into your application, using cutting-edge tools and methodologies to identify performance bottlenecks, potential memory leaks, bundle size issues, and more.

Preliminary Report Meeting

We'll share some of our preliminary findings to align with your team on the report documentation format and to ensure you're getting the information in the way that's most useful for you.

Final Report

We document our findings, providing high-level details on each identified issue along with a list of actionable items. The report is organized by impact to help your team prioritize effectively.

Handover Meeting

We go through the report with your team, addressing questions and ensuring that everyone is clear about the next steps.

Post-Audit Meeting

We check in after a set period to assess progress against the report's findings and to ensure no regressions have occurred. If needed, we can take on the task of implementing the improvements for you.


Generating Tangible Outcomes — Deliverables

Detailed Report

Detailed Audit Report

An exhaustive document featuring all findings from the audit, each with a comprehensive description, clear effort and impact estimations. The report is designed to provide you with an understanding of your application's performance gaps.

Action Items

Prioritized Action Items

A sorted list of performance improvements, prioritized based on effort and impact. This actionable list enables your team to focus on the so-called "low hanging fruits" for quick wins, while strategically planning for larger impact improvements.


Detailed Implementation Suggestions

For each performance gap identified, our report offers:

  • Immediate actions for a quick fix.

  • Corrective actions for more substantial, system-wide improvements.

  • Preventive actions to ensure the same issues don't recur.


Patternlike Solutions

We provide solutions that can be generalized and reused in other parts of your application or even in your other projects.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Post-audit, we're available for check-in meetings, smaller audits for quality control, and even implementation of our findings if your team is short on resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a performance audit?

A performance audit is an in-depth investigation conducted by seasoned experts to identify potential performance gains. It provides a detailed, step-by-step guide on addressing these performance issues. The audit encompasses areas like bootstrap and runtime performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, bundle size, and more.

When do I need a performance audit?

You need a performance audit when you notice that your website or application is not running optimally or as quickly as it should. If you experience decreased Core web vitals, conversions, lowered customer satisfaction, or an impact on your Google ranking, it may be time to consider an audit.

Why are performance audits important?

Performance issues can be challenging to diagnose and solve, and they can lead to lost customers, low conversion rates, and poor search rankings. A performance audit provides your team with the knowledge and tools necessary to address these challenges, ensuring you don't waste resources on ineffective solutions.

What are the main objectives of a performance audit?

The primary objectives are to identify performance bottlenecks, potential memory leaks, bundle size issues, and other performance-related concerns in your application. Following identification, the goal is to provide actionable insights, documented findings, and a prioritized list of improvements to enhance the application's speed and efficiency.

How often should a performance audit be conducted?

It's beneficial to conduct a performance audit whenever you suspect performance regressions or significant changes have been made to your application. Regular check-ins post-audit can also help ensure that no regressions have occurred and that the performance is maintained.

What are the outcomes of a performance audit?

The outcomes include a detailed audit report highlighting all performance gaps, a list of prioritized action items for improvement, detailed implementation suggestions for each identified gap, pattern-like solutions that can be reused in various parts of your application, and the option for technical support post-audit.

How can organizations prepare for a performance audit?

To prepare, organizations should first understand their specific performance goals, be aware of user flows, critical issues, and current performance areas of focus. Engaging in an initial call with our team will help set the stage for the process. It's also beneficial to gather any relevant documentation or previous audit results to provide the auditing team with as much context as possible.