Vue Essentials: Learn the Framework from Scratch

Vue.js is a popular, modern JavaScript framework for developing interactive web applications.

Duration.3 days

This workshop is aimed at participants with no previous knowledge of using JavaScript frameworks and offers a comprehensive introduction to the basics of Vue 3.


  • Vue.Js icon - Logo

    Introduction to Vue.js and its core concepts

    • What is Vue.js and why is it used?

    • Installing and setting up a Vue project

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    Component-based development

    • Creating and using Vue components

    • State and properties in components

  • Data Binding icon - Logo

    Data binding and display

    • Understanding two-way data binding

    • Using mustache syntax and directives

  • JavaScript

    Event handling

    • Responding to user interactions

    • Dispatching custom events

    • Handling form inputs

  • API Icon - Template

    Composition API and reactivity

    • Introduction to the Composition API

    • Understanding reactive updates

    • Building own composables

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    Routing with Vue Router

    • Creating multi-page applications with Vue Router

    • Configuring Routes and Navigation

  • State Management Icon - Logo

    State Management with Pinia or composables

    • Introduction to state management

    • Using Pinia stores to manage global state

    • Exemplary usage of composables for state management

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    • Understanding slots and their usage

    • Using named slots

    • Sneak peek into Scoped slots

  • Vue.Js icon - Logo

    Vue and TypeScript

    • Using TypeScript in the `script` part of the components

    • Type-Checking with `vue-tsc`

  • Nuxt.js icon - Logo

    Bonus: Nuxt.js

    • Discovering benefits of the meta framework


Vue.js is a popular, modern JavaScript framework for developing interactive web applications. With its third major version, Vue 3, it has become even more powerful and easier to use.

During this workshop, we will cover the basics of Vue 3 and learn how to develop web applications using the framework. In fact, we will build one coherent application from scratch, step by step, and learn the most important concepts of Vue 3 along the way.

This workshop is a hands-on workshop.

Instead of the typical workshop flow, you will work through the exercises before I'll teach you the theory and background. This way, you will learn the most important concepts of Nuxt.js by doing and not by listening or copying lines of code from the slides.

After each exercise, we will go through the solution and theory together, reinforcing what you have learned.


  • Create Vue applications from scratch

  • Understand the core concepts of Vue.js 3

  • Use the Composition API to build own composables

  • Utilize Vue Router to create applications with multiple pages

  • Manage global state with Pinia

Your trainer for this workshop

Alexander Lichter

Alexander Lichter

Software Engineer, Trainer