RxJS Basics

Learn the basics of RxJS in a one day workshop

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Duration.1 day

Unlock the power of reactive programming with our concise, hands-on RxJS workshop. Grasp the fundamentals, explore powerful operators, and apply your skills in practical exercises. Remove clutter from your code and get resilient applications. Boost your JavaScript prowess with RxJS today.


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    Understanding RxJS Primitives

    • Comparison of Subject and Observable

    • Converting other APIs (e.g. promise to observable)

    • Where and when to subscribe

    • Execution context of observables

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    Concepts & Marble diagrams

    • RxJS learning tools

    • How to read marble diagrams

    • Observable types

    • Operator types

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    Operator Groups

    • Transform operator

    • Filter & complete operators

    • Error handling

    • Top 4 flattening operator

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    Reactive building blocks

    • State - Streams that manage state

    • Events - Streams that notify

    • Effects - Executing logic based on state or events

    • RxJS vs Signals

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    Custom sections

    • Live-coding in our repositories

    • Code review


Dive into the world of RxJS with our intensive workshop designed to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to harness the power of reactive programming:

Understanding RxJS Primitives: Uncover the difference between Subject and Observable, convert Promise APIs to Observable, and learn about optimal subscribing strategies and the execution context of Observables.

Concepts & Marble Diagrams: Explore useful RxJS learning tools, understand how to read marble diagrams, and delve into various observable and operator types.

Operator Groups: Get hands-on with transform operators, learn about filtering, completion, error handling, and explore the top 4 flattening operators.

Subjects: Understand the producer-consumer pattern with Observers and Subscribers and explore the basic Subject types including Subject and BehaviorSubject.

Reactive Building Blocks: Discover how to manage state with streams, notify with events, and execute logic based on state or events. We'll also discuss the difference between RxJS and Signals.

Custom Sections: Get practical with live-coding sessions in our repositories and in-depth code reviews to refine your understanding and application of RxJS.

Jump in and start your journey into mastering reactive programming with RxJS today!


  • Understanding RxJS Primitives: Grasp the difference between RxJS primitives, Subjects and Observables.

  • Learning from Marble Diagrams: Master the art of reading marble diagrams and use this essential tool to understand RxJS workflows better.

  • Operator Groups: Learn the practical use of transform, filter, complete, and error handling operators to enhance your programming techniques.

  • In-depth Knowledge of Subjects: Deep dive into the fundamental patterns and types of Subjects, and understand their role in data streams.

  • Reactive Building Blocks: Discover the RxJS building blocks of State, Events, and Effects and see how they compare to Signals.

  • Practical Application: Gain real-world programming skills through live coding sessions and sharpen your coding style with our expert code reviews.

  • Holistic Learning Approach: Equip yourself with a well-rounded understanding of reactive programming principles, from the basics to advanced techniques.