Reactive Angular & UX Best Practices for Enterprises

With RxJS and Signals

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Duration.2 day

In this workshop, we will focus on framework-agnostic techniques that you can use to improve the UX of your application. 

Error handling, retry strategies, state management, combination, and flattening scenarios – these are just some of the topics we will cover. Learn about the essential parts that make up a reactive architecture and take your RxJS skills to the next level!

Bring ALL your code examples, bugs, and questions and get them addressed in an open-ended session, with no agenda but aimed at helping you find the best solution possible.

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  • Angular Logo - Dependency Injection

    Component Architecture Best Practices

  • Angular Logo - Dependency Injection

    Adapter pattern vs Façade pattern

  • Checkmark.

    Reactive state management with Signals & RxJS

    • State selection

    • State mutations

    • Where to subscribe to changes

    • Model vs view model

  • Checkmark.

    Reducing the number of computations

  • Checkmark.

    Learn how to build re-usable building blocks to properly scale your application

    • Structural directives

    • Providers

    • Design system architectures

  • Checkmark.

    An in-depth understanding of error handling

  • Checkmark.

    Comparison of the different retry & repeat mechanisms


RxJS is more popular now than ever before. It is baked into the Angular core and widely used in other JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React and Vue.

The RxJS library’s popularity doesn’t come as a surprise, for among others, it leverages a powerful yet elegant way to work with UI interactions or any other async data sources.

In this training, we are going to take a deep look into state management and how RxJS can heavily improve the consistency of state and performance in distribution. 

Error handling and retry strategies will also be covered in some detail as they are instrumental in ensuring stable architecture and data management.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to understand all the tricky edge cases of the flattening and combination operators, which will allow you to enhance the UX of your application and save requests in the future.

Sounds interesting? Attend and get trained by a leading expert.


  • Reactive state management patterns with Signals & RxJS