NestJS Workshop: Building for Production

Join our NestJS workshop to elevate your development skills through hands-on experience building, scaling, and securing JS/TS ecosystem applications.

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Duration.3 days

Join our NestJS workshop to elevate your development skills through hands-on experience building, scaling, and securing JS/TS ecosystem applications. Learn the latest techniques in NestJS, from database integration to microservices, and prepare to build future-proof applications with expert guidance.


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    • Dependency Injection

    • NestFactory

    • Provider, Services

    • Module

    • ConfigurationModule

    • Request and Components Lifecycle

    • Request context

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    Design phase

    • Domain Driven Design

    • Requirements and flow

    • Software architecture

    • Events

    • Entities

    • Permissions

    • NestJS microservices

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    Implementation phase - Business domains

    • Define entities and DTOs

    • Declare Domain events and interfaces

    • Create an Internal Event bus

    • Create Domain modules

    • Configure Database Connection (MongoDB)

    • External Event bus (RabbitMQ)

    • Register Bull queues and jobs

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    Implementation phase - Business logic

    • HTTP API

    • Authentication and Guards

    • Permissions and relationships

    • Authorization and Guards

    • Dynamic Module (third-party API integration)

    • Manual testing

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    Implementation phase - Refinements

    • Validate and sanitize request inputs

    • Cache response

    • Schedulers and (distributed) Mutex

    • Error handling

    • Email notifications

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    • Write unit tests with Jest

    • Create setup for end-to-end tests

    • Write end-to-end tests with Jest

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    Advanced techniques

    • Clustering

    • File Upload

    • API Versioning

    • Feature Flags


Dive into the world of NestJS with our comprehensive workshop, designed to equip you with cutting-edge skills for developing robust JS/TS server-side applications. Gain hands-on experience by working on a real-world project and learning the unique building blocks and conventions that set NestJS apart.

Why Join Our Workshop?

  • Engage in dynamic discussions and problem-solving sessions to tackle questions like application splitting, future-proof programming, and more.

  • Get the most up-to-date NestJS knowledge to build and scale your applications confidently.

  • Learn practically, enhancing your skills with hands-on project work.

  • Answer critical development questions, from database integration to service testing, to ensure comprehensive learning.

Join us to transform your NestJS skills and prepare yourself for modern application development demands.


  • Foundational Knowledge - Understand the core principles of NestJS to start deploying in production environments confidently.

  • Advanced Concepts and Techniques - Explore Domain-Driven Design, HTTP APIs, and event-based systems to design large-scale applications.

  • Practical Application - Implement what you've learned in a practical setting, focusing on real-world problem-solving and application design.

  • Integration and Connectivity - Learn to seamlessly connect your application with databases and third-party API, enhancing your data management capabilities.

  • Microservices and Messaging - Discover how to create event based applications using event emitter and RabbitMQ.

  • Performance and Reliability - Master caching, task scheduling, and error handling techniques to build efficient and reliable applications.

  • Security and Compliance - With Ory, implement robust authentication and authorization mechanisms to ensure the security of your application.

Your trainer for this workshop

Edouard Maleix

Edouard Maleix

Software Engineer

Performance Expert
Architecture Expert