Nx Enterprise Consulting

We offer a strategic solution for Nx adoption or monorepo transition. Collaborate closely with experts who guide your organization to harness Nx's capabilities, ensuring efficient and innovative software development.

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Expert-Led Nx Adoption

With multiple official Nx Champions on our team we are the perfect partner for your Nx endeavors. Wether you need green field consulting or need support setting up the perfect Nx workflow, our seasoned veterans are there to help.

    Why Nx Enterprise Consulting?

    Dive deep into a tailored consultation, where we collaborate to leverage Nx's vast capabilities. From continuous release to modular architecture, our goal is to propel your software development to new heights.

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    Use Nx to its Full Potential

    The world of Nx boasts immense potential, from its diverse package offerings to its transformative monorepo capabilities. This vastness can occasionally seem overwhelming, with intricate cost structures and strategic decisions awaiting at every turn.

    Our Nx Enterprise Consulting provides actionable steps, empowering your organization to get the most out of Nx.

    Mapping Your Nx Journey: Step-by-Step


    In this session we understand your current project structure, whether you're utilizing monorepo or polyrepo, Nx adoption stage, challenges faced, and the documentation available. This meeting helps identify the key areas to focus on during the consultation.


    Our experts, having a deep understanding of your project, will provide strategic solutions — from partitioning apps and packages, setting up CI tools for continuous release, introducing custom workspace generators, and understanding build chain implications.


    After a comprehensive understanding of your project, we'll develop an improvement plan, providing guidelines on implementing Nx best practices, CI configurations, monorepo processes, and efficient caching via Nx Cloud.


    Recommendations are prioritized based on their potential impact and dependencies on other pieces of the code. To ensure swift and value-driven outcomes for your organization Our experts will design a focused Nx migration plan, prioritizing steps for immediate impact and alignment with your business goals.


    Our team will provide you with the perfect set of tools to track your build times, CI agent utilization, test coverage, developer productivity and general time saved by Nx.

    Nx Transition: What You'll Gain

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    Nx Consultation Document

    A comprehensive guide on leveraging Nx for optimized software development, highlighting differences and benefits of monorepo over polyrepo.


    Nx Migration Manual

    The manual includes a strategic roadmap for your Nx adoption, actionable suggestions, and best practices. A review meeting follows to discuss the report's findings.


    Follow-Up Review

    Post-consultation, we schedule a session to gauge the effectiveness of our recommendations, ensuring your team is aligning with the desired goals.


    Execution Control

    After an agreed period, our team revisits to monitor the implementation of our recommendations, ensuring you're on track to maximizing the benefits of Nx's build chain and other features.

    Our Nx Champions

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Nx Enterprise Consulting offers a strategic solution for Nx adoption and monorepo transition. Our team of experts collaborates closely with your organization to guide you in harnessing Nx's capabilities, ensuring efficient and innovative software development.

        We work with a diverse range of clients. Regardless of the size of your company, our services are tailored to decision-makers and tech leaders who aim to harness the best tech solutions to drive efficiency and innovation within their organizations.

        Yes, we can assist with specific technology stacks and programming languages. Our expert-led Nx adoption services are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your organization's unique tech requirements.

        Getting started is easy. You can schedule a meeting with us to discuss your organization's needs and objectives. We'll work closely with you to create a customized plan that aligns with your goals.

        Our consulting process involves several key steps, including project introduction, exploration and identification, development of improvement suggestions and goals, prioritization and dependencies, and measurements and tracking. We'll guide you through each step to ensure a successful Nx adoption.

        The cost structure for our services can vary depending on the scope of your project and the services required. We'll provide you with a customized pricing plan based on your organization's needs.

        If your organization is looking to harness Nx's capabilities for efficient software development or navigate the transition to a monorepo, our consulting services can provide valuable guidance and support

        Align with Nx, Achieve Excellence


        Interested in maximizing your Nx adoption with Enterprise Consulting? Click below to schedule a meeting, and together, we'll craft a strategic roadmap tailored to your business needs