Nx Conf 2023 - Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

United by Nxcellent DX - An Nx adoption plan for migrating and onboarding hundreds of developers to an Nx monorepo

In one of our projects, Push-Based currently support a large enterprise. They are migrating from a complex .NET and Angular polyrepo setup to an organization-wide Nx monorepo for hundreds of developers that build web apps for 30 brands across a hundred domains. To achieve their Nx migration goals, we defined guiding principles and fitted an Nx adoption strategy. This talk covers the tactics we apply to avoid interrupting the teams' workflow and onboard them to Nx and a monorepo workflow. An important part is what we call the Migration Toolkit. This custom Nx plugin helps teams prepare their repo by identifying the minimum requirements for migrating to the Nx monorepo workspace and offering custom Nx migration generators.


Sep 26, 2023 · New York, USA · Talk