SVGs at Light Speed: Mastering SVG Optimization in Modern Applications

May 8 Mainz, Germany

Christopher Holder
Christopher Holder
Christopher Holder

Christopher Holder

enterJS 2024 - Chris

A deep dive into the world of SVG performance optimizations in Angular applications and the web: Discover how rendering optimization, lazy loading, and server-side rendering with transfer state can significantly enhance SVG performance.

We will conduct a detailed analysis of common SVG implementations, comparing Ionic, angular-svg-icon, and Angular Material. This session will conclude with an exploration of ngx-fast-svg, an innovative open-source alternative designed with optimal performance and developer experience in mind.


  • Learn to optimize SVG rendering in web apps

  • Understand lazy loading and server-side SVG rendering in Angular

  • Compare SVG tools: Ionic, angular-svg-icon, Angular Material

  • Discover ngx-fast-svg for better performance

  • Gain practical tips for SVG optimization