Server-Side Rendering und Image Optimization in Angular v17

Nov 30 Alte Lokhalle, Mainz

Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky


The latest Angular releases offer some potential to improve the core web vitals of your application through server-side rendering and image optimization. In order to increase performance, you need a basic understanding of the latest features, what is possible in Angular v17, as well as some practical tips and tricks that can be helpful in implementation.

Together with some theoretical basics about the latest Angular releases, with a special focus on server-side rendering and ngOptimizedImages in Angular v17, Michael will show you in this talk what a practical implementation can look like. A live demo explains how these features are used in practice, whether and where they can be useful and how their impact can be measured.


  • Server-side rendering in Angular v17

  • ngOptimizedImages

  • Practical implementation of the latest features

  • Debugging in real life

  • Impact and measurements