Michael Hladky at NG Asia Meetup | 2024
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

Performance at Scale: Non-trivial Optimization Techniques in Angular at NG Asia Meetup

Diving beyond the basics of ChangeDetection, OnPush, and trackBy, this presentation delves into the core of performance optimization.

Brace yourself to enhance your expertise, discover cutting-edge practices from v16 onwards, and witness these strategies come to life through captivating live demos at the heart of our discussion.

In this session, we'll bring you the latest insights on SSR hydration, pushing the boundaries of your understanding of sophisticated performance enhancement methods beyond the scope of NgOptimizedImage.

Join us as we explore a comprehensive toolkit, including Chrome and Angular DevTools, examine a case study on web performance improvement and its results, and uncover how to maximize performance, aiming for an impressive 100 points. You'll leave equipped with practical exercises and valuable knowledge, ready to significantly speed up your application.

NG Asia Meetup

Feb 29, 2024 · Online · Talk