Amgular tiny conf 2023
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

Performance at Scale - High-Speed Angular Applications on Any Device

The async pipe is boring! So we will skip ChangeDetection OnPush & trackBy and jump straight into the guts of performance optimization. Get ready to deepen your knowledge, learn about the latest best practices, and see them in action with exciting live demos lying at the core of this talk.

This session will feature the most up-to-date information to expand your knowledge of advanced performance optimization techniques beyond the basics. Together, we will get hands-on with the powerful toolset, including Chrome and Angular DevTools, review the case study of web performance optimization and its outcomes, and learn how to achieve peak performance, reaching a staggering 99 points. In the end, you'll go home with lots of exercises to guide you and a wealth of insights to work with, impressed by how much faster your application can get.

Angular Tiny Conf

Apr 28, 2023 · Online · Talk