​Nx and Angular Workshop

Jun 13 Online

Enea Jahollari
Edouard Maleix
Enea Jahollari +1
Enea Jahollari

Enea Jahollari

Edouard Maleix

Edouard Maleix

Nx and Angular WS by Edouard Maleix & Enea Jahollari

Join us for an exclusive workshop on "Nx and Angular" led by experts Enea Jahollari and Edouard Maleix. Discover how to enhance your development workflows with Nx by mastering scalable workspace architectures, task caching, and module boundaries. Boost productivity, code quality, and consistency while learning to optimize performance using buildable libraries and cloud caching. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your project's efficiency and scalability!

In the "Nx and Angular" workshop, you'll learn to streamline your development process using Nx’s powerful CLI and generators, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Gain insights into designing scalable workspace architectures that evolve with your projects through workspace presets and types. Discover how task caching in Nx can drastically speed up your development cycles by memorizing build results. Implement best practices for module separation, and tools that enhance code quality and consistency, boosting overall team productivity.


  • Nx for Efficiency - Learn how Nx can streamline your development process and boost your productivity by leveraging its command-line interface (CLI) and generators.

  • Scalable Workspace Architectures - Grasp the concepts of workspace presets and types in Nx, allowing you to design and implement architectures that can grow alongside your project.

  • Task Caching - Discover task caching, a feature in Nx that memorizes build results to significantly speed up your development iterations.

  • Module boundaries - Master the best practices needed to have clean separation between your apps and libs in a workspace.

  • Productivity, Code Quality & Consistency - Setup tools that increase code quality and consistency which will sky rocket your team productivity.

  • Workspace performance - Learn how to improve your workspace performance by utilising buildable libraries and caching locally or by using the cloud.