ngBeer Brno vol. 11 - with Julian Jandl and Christopher Holder

Oct 26 Brno, Kavarna

Vojtech Mašek
Julian Jandl
Christopher Holder
Vojtech Mašek +2
Vojtech Mašek

Vojtech Mašek

Julian Jandl

Julian Jandl

Christopher Holder

Christopher Holder

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ngbeer vol 11 - Chris & Julian - 2023
  1. Vojtech Mašek | FlowUp - Understand code import & export

Organizing code into files is crucial. Once in files you need to import. More files? Libs are becoming useful, but do you know what different exports styles do to the bundle size? We are about to find out.

  1. Julian Jandl | - Virtual scrolling unveiled - High performance lists in Angular

In this talk, I’ll take you on a journey through the fascinating landscape of virtual scrolling in Angular, a powerful technique that can greatly improve the performance and user experience of your web applications. We will shed light on the general concept of virtual scrolling, compare different approaches and implementations in the Angular universe.

  1. Christopher Holder | - Managing design systems with Storybook and Angular

One of the largest challenges about working with applications with multiple labels and themes is maintaining a consistent Design System. We will take a deep dive into how Storybook can be used to maintain a consistent design system though all the labels and themes. Moving forward we will learn how the design system can make it easier for new developers to make changes without deep knowledge of the application. Then we will see how a storybook helps us easily maintain documentation and testing. As a bonus you will learn how to automate the conversion of changes from Figma to the code in the design system.


  • A in depth understanding of Design Systems with Storybook

  • Automating visual regression testing

  • Integrating visual change request and approval into the CI

  • Handling multi-label themes

  • Secret trick to automatically convert changes from figma to css

  • bundle size optimization with Nx libraries

  • ESM

  • CJS