NestJS Vienna June Meetup

Jun 20 LEAN-Coders, Hainburger Straße 33, 1030 Vienna

Edouard Maleix
Michael Bromley
Edouard Maleix +1
Edouard Maleix

Edouard Maleix

Michael Bromley

Michael Bromley

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Talks 🗣️🗣️🗣️

Edouard Maleix

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Authentication and Authorization strategies with NestJS and Ory

According to OWASP 10, broken access control is web applications' most common security vulnerability. In this context, it is more crucial than ever for (NestJS) developers to be empowered with solutions that enhance their application's security without sacrificing efficiency.

This presentation focuses on integrating Ory, an open-source identity and access control management toolkit, with NestJS to provide a complete security solution. Attendees will discover practical strategies for implementing authentication and authorization in their backend applications, ensuring they are secure, scalable, and developer-friendly.

Michael Bromley

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The Hidden Magic of Nest Decorators

Let’s take a deep dive into how decorators are used by NestJS, and how we can use this same magic to create our own abstractions

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Push Based is a close knit group of IT experts offering their knowledge and services in #Angular #RxJS #NestJS #JavaScript #TypeScript #webperf and more.


Special thanks to the Lean-Coders team for sponsoring this first NestJS meetup and hosting the event! Check them out at

WeAreDevelopers World Congress

Is providing us with a free ticket for their Congress in Berlin from 17-19 July 2024. The ticket will be raffled off during the meetup for all live attendees. Visit


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