Modern Angular Mastery Workshop

Jun 13 Online

Julian Jandl
Michael Hladky
Julian Jandl +1
Julian Jandl

Julian Jandl

Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

Modern Angular Mastery Workshop by Michael Hladky & Julian Jandl

The Modern Angular workshop is designed to delve into the sophisticated techniques and cutting-edge features of Angular, aimed at boosting both development efficiency and application performance. This thorough training session is crafted to empower developers with the essential skills needed to fully harness the newest capabilities of Angular effectively.

In this workshop, participants master the implementation of the inject function which streamlines dependency management and enhances code cleanliness. They explore architectural advancements by creating standalone components that improve application structure and maintainability. The transition from webpack to esbuild is covered, offering insights into faster build processes and overall application performance enhancement. Additionally, developers learn about the integration of function-based APIs, the utilization of Signals for responsive applications, and advanced lazy loading techniques that significantly reduce bundle sizes and improve load efficiency.


  • Better DI with inject - Master the implementation of new inject function for injecting dependencies directly in components. This makes it easier to write cleaner and more maintainable code.

  • Standalone everything - Understand the benefits of locality of your components, directives and pipes to improve your app archictecture.

  • Faster Builds with esbuild - Understand everything about the webpack to esbuild migration and benefit from what’s in store for your apps.

  • Function-based APIs and provide* - The new era of structuring Angular apps is here. Learn how to create better APIs that align with Angular’s vision.

  • Signals - Master Signals by understanding their internals.Get better at using them by learning some tips and tricks.

  • New Change Detection & Zoneless - Understand how Angular is getting faster and faster because of the new change detection and zoneless features and learn how to benefit from them.