Modern Angular, Change Detection und Signals

May 7 Mainz, Germany

Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

enterJS 2024 - Michael

The last Angular releases reshaped the way we will write apps. It is a bright future with more performant rendering, an easier mental model and … zoneless change detection.

In my talk I will give you historical context, a deep understanding on how modern CD works in Angular and most importantly how to use Signals the right way.

You will understand where to use the new features and more importantly where to avoid them. Start a new era of Angular apps with confidence.


  • avoid footguns

  • use signals the right way

  • be able to partially migrate your apps in a non breaking way

  • avoid big bang refactorings

  • avoid losing delivery speed by focusing on the wrong goals