Mastering Performance & Reactive Patterns with Angular: A Deep Dive into Signals & Observables - Master Class (stationary & online)

Nov 6 Warsaw, Poland

Michael Hladky
Enea Jahollari
Michael Hladky +1
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

Enea Jahollari

Enea Jahollari

NG Poland - Michael & Enea - 2023

Ready to level up your Angular game?

What You'll Learn:

ChangeDetection In Depth: Everything you need to know about rendering zone and signals.

The ABCs of Reactivity: Ever wondered what the buzzword 'reactivity' is all about? We're breaking it down for you!

Get Observable: Master the art of Observables and their subscription logic. You'll never look at data streams the same way again!

Signal Boost: Get to know Signals and how to subscribe to them. Perfect for creating dynamic, responsive applications.

Power Combo: Learn how to seamlessly combine Observables and Signals for max efficiency.

HTTP Magic: Mix HTTP requests with Signals like a wizard!

State Your Intent: Dabble in component state management with both Signals & Observables. Say goodbye to state chaos!

Global Takeover: Conquer global state management with the dynamic duo of Signals & Observables.

Side Effects, but the Good Kind: Learn how to create effects using Signals & Observables. Yes, effects you actually want!

UI Galore: Last but not least, handle UI events like a boss using—you guessed it—Signals & Observables.

Who is this for?

Whether you're a newbie getting your feet wet or a seasoned pro, this workshop is packed with insights and hands-on exercises that will transform the way you code in Angular.

Don't miss out! Both stationary and online options available, so no excuses!

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