High-Speed ​​Web Applications: Beyond the Basics

Mar 23 Online

Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

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The Chrome DevTools serve as an impressive enhancement to any developer's toolkit, enabling you to identify and rectify performance issues within your application. In this interactive workshop, we will delve into the lesser-known aspects of DevTools and gain insights on:

  • Web Vitals - understanding their role and methods of measuring them

  • The process of scripting, parsing, and prioritization

  • Techniques for network analysis and debugging requests

  • The mechanics of the browser's rendering pipeline

  • Interpreting the performance timeline

  • The concept of frame drop, and its importance

  • Approaches to scheduling and setting scheduling priorities

  • The architecture of HTML structures, along with their styling and browser rendering

  • Utilizing the Paint Flash APIs and addressing scroll performance complications

  • The intricacies of layer composition, layer squashing, and what triggers reflow

  • Strategies for main thread scheduling and ensuring non-blocking UIs in Angular