Angular Performance Workshop

Jun 14 Warsaw, Polan

Michael Hladky
Julian Jandl
Michael Hladky +1
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

Julian Jandl

Julian Jandl

Angular Performance by ​​Michael Hladky and ​Julian Jandl

Join us on June 14, 2024, for an exclusive "Angular Performance" workshop led by experts Julian Jandl and Michael Hladky. This session is designed for developers who are keen to elevate their application speeds and master the intricacies of Angular's performance capabilities. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your Angular applications into models of efficiency and speed!

From the "Angular Performance" workshop, you will walk away with a deep understanding of how to enhance your application's efficiency. You'll gain practical knowledge of the JavaScript event loop, learn optimization techniques for the browser's render pipeline, and understand how to effectively utilize Angular's server-side rendering with the latest features. We'll dive into the essential Core Web Vitals, ensuring you know how to measure and improve your app's performance scores. Additionally, you will learn to apply advanced features like the NgOptimizedImage directive and implement cutting-edge CSS and DOM strategies to reduce reflows and maximize performance.


  • Javascript Event Loop - If you care about performance, javascript event loop what will follow you in your journey to get faster apps. Master work prioritization and single thread scheduling.

  • Browser Render Pipeline - To make your app faster, you need to understand how it runs in the browser, and browser has a render pipeline too. Learn how to minimize the work the browser needs to do.

  • Core) Web Vitals - Your performance has a score. Learn how it’s measured and how to improve it. Master everything about LCP, FID, CLS and INP.

  • Server Side Rendering in Angular - Angular SSR story has gotten better lately. Learn how to improve the SSR performance with caching and learn about the new features coming in v18 like event-replaying.

  • Local change detection and zoneless in-depth - Angular is getting faster and faster each version, understand why is that and how you can benefit from it.