Angular Performance Success with Michael Hladky

Oct 15 Online

Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky
Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

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In this episode of Angular Master Podcast, Dariusz Kalbarczyk – a co-founder of NG-Poland.pl and JS-Poland.pl – talks to a very special guest from Vienna, Austria: trainer and consultant, #Angular #NestJS #RxJS and #TypeScript expert, #GDE #MVP and performance engineer, Michael Hladky.

Episode discussion areas:

  1. Where to start with performance in Angular?

  2. Is SSR a good choice for performance?

  3. Can we make additional improvements?

  4. Let’s talk about zone.js and NgZone.

  5. What is ChangeDetection, and should we care about it?

  6. Change detection and IVY features.

  7. detectChanges vs markForCheck.

  8. How would you measure the difference in the change detection process?

  9. How can we refactor an application to go fully zone-less, is it even possible?

  10. Best and bad performance practices.

  11. Are there any example repositories to see real-life implementations? (https://github.com/tastejs/angular-movies)

  12. What kind of person is Michael? How do you see yourself?

  13. Do you have some hints for us regarding self-organization?

  14. Do you have any favorite hobbies?

  15. What’s about your work-life balance? Do you have some hints for us?

  16. Favorite sports activity.

  17. How do you remember your last visit to Poland?

  18. You run 4-day workshops, very intensive workshops, how do you regenerate after such a lot of effort?

  19. What are you planning for NG / JS Poland?