Steer your company with our Performance Strategy Consulting

We offer a comprehensive plan to reach your web performance goals avoiding regressions by embedding web performance as a core value throughout your organization.

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Don’t feel lost, we know where to start and what's next

Looking to optimize web performance while juggling other priorities? Our tailored Performance Strategy Consulting is perfect for tech leaders like you.

We help set clear goals, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and create a plan using Core Web Vitals, performance metrics, and KPIs. Empower your development team with our data-driven approach, and boost web performance to achieve your objectives.

Elevate your team's success and add performance to the ownership of the whole company with our expert guidance.

Performance Strategy Consulting
  • Monitoring Tools
    Monitoring Tools
  • Measurable Progress
    Measurable Progress
  • Reachable Goals
    Reachable Goals
  • Strategic Decisions
    Strategic Decisions
  • Performance Optimization
    Performance Optimization

Minimize Frustrations Maximize Results

Where to start and where to invest? Web performance auditing, measurement tools and still delivering features is a friction we can solve for you.

Our Performance Strategy Consulting helps you to do the right thing at the right time and provides a roadmap for you to follow step by step.

Minimize Frustrations

Performance made simple:

Your Step‑by‑Step strategy for success

Three categories to prioritize your efforts

priority high


If a fire burns, we put it immediately out!

Our team will provide you with suggestions for hotfixes that immediately will improve your project's performance.



Put the fire extinguisher right beside the fireplace!

We will help to avoid performance regressions and make sure your team follows best practices to ensure performance goals are met.



Prevent the risk of fire!

We will help with setting up the perfect CI pipeline with user-flow testing and linting rules that ensures that no performance regressions can be shipped in the first place.

A performance strategy is an essential process for any organization

Current State Evaluation

An expert analysis of your organization and its performance goals is the basis for providing valuable insights for informed decision-making. We will review your full development workflow to get a deeper understanding of your organization.

Defined Problem Areas

We will pinpoint specific issues for targeted and efficient resolution that will streamline the optimization process. All topics will consist of a set of tasks and recommendations that are laser focused.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

Clear and concise improvement recommendations that help to simplify continuous integration of new features while avoiding performance regressions. Enhance your development workflow with actionable strategies and best practices tailored to your unique needs.

Metrics and KPIs

Our team will focus on the KPIs that really matter for your organization and make sure that all of our suggestions aim to constantly improve those KPIs. Identifying and tracking relevant data points to monitor progress will enable data-driven decisions. Utilize essential web vitals and key performance metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your optimization efforts.

Measurement and Reporting

We will introduce easy-to-use tools for tracking progress and facilitate informed decision-making based on real data analysis. Perform ongoing assessments to maintain peak performance and to report performance improvements to your stakeholders.

A strong foundation leads to strong results


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